The Seasons of Destiny Series

Book One: 

Paris in the Springtime
Sunny's Summer
Coming Soon in the Seasons of Destiny Series

Amber Reyes has seen two of her closest friends married in less than a month. "Always a bridesmaid..." seems to fit her uncomfortably well. With a new school year just started, she has plenty to do just being the elementary school principal. There's no time in her life to worry about meeting someone. Is there?  AMBER IN AUTUMN due this fall!

Skye has had her struggles: growing up in a crazy commune, fighting her own battles with addiction, striving to be taken seriously as an artist.  "Love" is an excuse people have used to hurt her in the past. Why would she want to open herself to that kind of pain again? Look for WINTER SKYE.

The Rainbow Rock Romances:

Ride the Rainbow Home

Book #1 of The Rainbow Rock Romances


​Meg Taylor has never thought of Rainbow Rock, Arizona as home. The daughter of a serial-marrying mother, Meg has lived in many places—and most of them were kinder than this little town where she was the principal’s daughter. She returns after ten years only to help a dear high school friend. Startled by the changes, Meg is pleased to see that her other high school buddy, Little Jimmy McAllister, isn’t little anymore. In fact, he is one of the most attractive men she has ever met. As she finds excuses to spend time with him, their friendship begins to blossom—but Meg has seen marriages come and go and she has no faith in happily ever after. Can Meg let go of doubt, grab on to happiness and ride the rainbow home?

At the Rainbow's End

Book #2 of The Rainbow Rock Romances

Kurt McAllister has everything going for him. So why does he feel so discontent? Alexa Babbidge has just earned her first great break as a screenwriter. So why does bad luck find her now? Kurt and Alexa have differing ideas about what constitutes success and their differences may be too great to bridge. So why are they so drawn to one another? This heart-warming love story examines Navajo weaving, small town living, and the nature of independence versus inter-dependence. Can a small-town girl grown big-time find happiness with a small-town cowboy? And can they agree on what fills the pot of gold at the rainbow’s end?

Don't Promise Me Rainbows

Book #3 of The Rainbow Rock Romances


When he calls the local vet to help him through a birthing crisis with his prize sows, farmer Chris McAllister does not expect an officious Amazon to answer. He’s a healthy bachelor looking for some good times—and help with his pigs. What he isn’t expecting and doesn’t want is romantic complications. Behind her composure and professional demeanor, pretty veterinarian Sarah McGill is hiding some deeply painful personal secrets. The last thing she needs is some handsome cowboy stirring up trouble, digging for answers, making her feel emotions she never wanted to feel again. When a project for the Navajo Nation throws them together, they must decide whether they can risk making promises they may not be able to keep.​


A Little Night Rainbow

Book #4 of The Rainbow Rock Romances

Max Carmody was married once. It wasn’t pretty. Now he finds himself stuck for the summer with a thirteen-year-old daughter he barely knows and a sister who will take her in, but not unless he comes with her. Marcie tells her dad she wants him to marry again, but the last thing this Mozart-loving car parts manufacturer needs is romance. In fact, the odds of his ever marrying again are about as likely as finding a rainbow in the night sky.


Cretia Sherwood was married too and it definitely wasn’t pretty. She is finally healing and regaining some independence. The last thing this Mozart-loving mom of two needs is to submerge herself in another man. She assures her daughter she might marry again—when she sees a night rainbow. When love brings them a rainbow, both Max and Cretia have to choose between the security they know and the risks of loving again.

A Rainbow in Paradise

Book #5 of The Rainbow Rock Romances

Eden Grant has a successful child care business, a painful childhood, and an allergy to marriage. She has resisted ever returning to Rainbow Rock where the pain and the allergy originated and is only going back now to be part of her friend, Sarah’s, wedding. She certainly isn’t looking for romance. Handsome Logan Redhorse, an attorney to the Navajo Nation, can’t help his attraction to Eden. Holding her feels like Paradise, but marriage is out of the question. He has made promises to his generations—both those before him and the children who may come after—that he will marry a desert child, a daughter of the Dineh. Eden clearly does not qualify. It is clearly impossible for Logan and Eden to have the paradise they both want while still keeping their promises. Or is it?

The Trouble with Rainbows

Book #6 of The Rainbow Rock Romances

Joe Vanetti was deeply in love with his late wife, Roberta, and even thinking of another woman feels disloyal. Although he feels his emotional life has ended with his wife’s death, he still has their children to raise. He has returned to Rainbow Rock to bring them near his family. He is not looking for romance and surely does not expect to find it with the high school Ice Queen he remembers as being so aloof and "stuck-up," so far above him. Angelica DeForest feels her life has never begun. Painfully shy and socially inept, she has spent her adult years tending aging, bitter relatives. She promises herself she will try to be bolder, to reach out to others and maybe even (gasp!) socialize. She certainly does not intend to begin experimenting with Joe Vanetti, the high school Golden Boy she remembers as being so perfect, so far above her. Do Joe and Angelica have more in common than a mutual attraction and the misery of loneliness? To build a future together, they will have to discover healing, recovery, and the will to begin again.

Return to Rainbow Rock

Book #7 of The Rainbow Rock Romances

When Marcie Carmody was in her teens, Rainbow Rock, Arizona was home. Though she spent holidays and a couple of weeks each summer with her mother, she lived most of the year with her dad and new step-family. Then she graduated high school, went to college in California, and never looked back. A decade later, broken by a failed relationship, Marcie is coming home to heal. Little does she know she will soon meet Mr. Right or that loving him will present her with even more need for healing.


Ryan Fields never realized his ex-wife’s fascination with online role-playing would lead him to leave a successful legal career in Sacramento to go to work with the Navajo Nation, nor that he would have to drive long distances to visit his children on alternate weekends. He certainly doesn’t feel ready to trust again, even when the red-haired whirlwind called Marcie enters his life and turns everything upside down. Little does he know how the bumps in the course of true love will alter both their lives.

Danny's Girl

Book #8 of The Rainbow Rock Romances


Includes BONUS short story: "Roasting Kate"


Danny Sherwood grew up in a home where alcohol and people were sometimes abused, a background that trained him as a protector. Perhaps that's why he is now a trooper with the Arizona Highway Patrol. When he is called upon to stop a dangerous speeder, he has no idea how the moment may change his life. Manon DuPre spent her childhood with negligent parents and her past year in the clutches of a brutal man. Now she is running for her life and Officer Sherwood stands in her way. When she is stopped in Nowhere, Arizona, she fears the worst, not knowing how this moment may change her future. A chance encounter on an Arizona highway brings together two very different people who may just be perfect for each other.

Roman's Holiday

Book #9 of The Rainbow Rock Romances


Includes BONUS short story: "Toasting Lottie"


Four years after Roman Kincaid was catapulted into stardom as a country-western singer and A-list movie star, he is burned out: exhausted by a grueling schedule, drained by the ceaseless demands of producers and managers, weary of meeting the needs of others at the expense of his own. Leaving a sold-out show in Phoenix, he rents a car and drives north and east, landing in the Painted Desert town of Rainbow Rock. Nearly three years after leaving her old life behind, Lottie Beale is feeding people and baking pies, managing the Kachina Café and tending secrets of her own. When circumstances conspire to give two attractive people some time alone together amid the world-class vistas of the Four Corners, they discover more than either had bargained for.

Box Sets:

Return to Rainbow Rock, Box Set #1
The McAllister Men

Books #1-3 of The Rainbow Rock Romances

Meet the McAllister men of Rainbow Rock. Jim has worked hard to become a respected dealer in native art, but lacks love. Kurt suceeds in business, but feels discontent. Chris is a bachelor who just wants some fun and help with his farm, but isn't seeking love. Each finds a woman to challenge him. These heart-warming stories examine art, life, independence, and true love.


A Stand-alone Novella

A Monumental Love
(Timeless Romance Single Book 8)

An unexpected romance might have the power to heal the past.

Roxelle McCann is eager to meet the family of her best friend, so she takes a mini-vacation to the Navajo Nation. Roxelle expects to find out more about Navajo language and customs and to be awed by the beauty of Monument Valley. She does not expect to find love among the monuments. The man she meets offers both a surprising possible future and a tender reminder of the past. 

Novels Featuring Young Heroines:

Maggie Rising

Book #1 in The Maggie Rising Case Files

Seventeen-year-old Maggie grew up learning the art of psychic reading from her Aunt Betty. Now in her senior year, she works part-time as a psychic, hoping to put herself through college, but it’s just for fun. There’s no such thing as true psychic awareness . . . or is there? When Maggie befriends a ghost and is arrested for her new friend’s murder, the two girls—one dead and the other in jail—have to solve an ugly crime and persuade the police to believe them when they discover the truth. And Maggie thought calculus would be tough! 

A paranormal mystery with sass, MAGGIE RISING asks all kinds of fascinating questions—and even answers a few.


A stand-alone story of survival.

Sixteen-year-old Marissa "Dulce" Donovan didn't make the decision to move her family to Bolivia. She didn't choose the move to Lima, Peru either, and she certainly didn't plan to be on a doomed airplane. Now, stranded in the Amazonian rainforest, she has no one to help her make the choices that may ensure her survival. She is all alone in the midst of life-threatening struggle.  Or is she?

A story of determination, the innate drive to live, and reliance on forces greater than one's own.

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